23 Oct 2018

On The Pull 24/10/2018

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Jo S: Arachnaphobes are in for another tricky time this week as Spider-Geddon #2 swines into action - sorry, did I say ‘swines’? A slip of the thumb, sorry! I’m just happy that my favourite spandex-clad porcine hero featured sufficiently in the first issue; now I’m excited about issue #2 ‘just for the story’, of course. Halloween wouldn’t be complete with just spiders though - we need a few more shivers and scares, and so I’ll be getting chills from Bunn and Torres’ Cold Spots. Eking out the story a little at a time seemed to be the way for the first couple of issues, but a properly creepy ending to issue #2 has me really anxious to know where we go next - scary little girls do make excellent horror material. Staying with the theme of supernatural kids, Babyteeth hits issue #13 (oohhh, unlucky for some!) - this series has been pretty bonkers at times but Donny Cates seems to be managing to keep it well on track.Clark and his fearsome Auntie Heather are lost in the Red Realm, but contact is being made with Sadie’s hellspawn. Like Cold Spots, Scarlet reaches the midway point of a five-part run this week; the first two fell into the ‘Hmm, interesting enough to stick at it’ list and, I can’t deny, a short run looks particularly tasty in what is still a busy time for me. Wrapping up my list is Beyonders #3 - this book is on notice currently: the first two had lots of interesting elements (maps, puzzles, ancient monuments, robots!) but the story had absolutely nothing new for me - I do hope that changes this week or this one gets composted with the Halloween pumpkin when the trick or treating is done.

Andy H: Evan Dorkin and Benjamin Dewey aren't holding back with Beasts Of Burden: Wise Dogs And Eldritch Men; splendid issues #1 and #2 mean I'm eagerly awaiting this third installment. The Wise Dogs are usually in the background, so seeing them here, front and centre, has been a real treat , and they don't mess around. There's bad magic afoot and they have already had their paws full dealing with Lurkers and magical traps. Now they must find who is behind it all. The first issue of Spider-Geddon reintroduced us to a lot of the characters we love to see from the Spider-Verse but it didn't work out to well for some of them. Our Spidey has been up against some pretty tough bad guys in the past but the Inheritors seem to be in a league of their own. I mean, come on! They eat Spider-people! Hopefully issue #2 will see Team Spidey on the up but I feel things may get worse before they get better. Return Of Wolverine #2 continues but without issue #1 artist Steve McNiven; a shame really; as I thoroughly enjoyed his first issue and got a real Barry Windsor-Smith vibe from the art. The good news is Declan Shalvey is the artist on issue #2, #3 and #4 and, despite his very different style from McNiven, I'm confident he can deliver a spot on Wolverine. The Vertigo 'rebirth' continues this week with Books Of Magic #1. I really enjoyed the taster we had in Sandman Universe #1 and I'm looking forward to what Kat Howard and Tom Fowler can bring to a character I have fond memories of from the first time round. Matthew Rosenberg continues to do great work over at Marvel and his Punisher run is no exception - issue# 2 was dark and bloody plus Iron Fist and Luke Cage appeared. It's not too great a leap from there to expect a certain Hell's Kitchen based hero to show up and Punisher #3 delivers. Frank Castle, Daredevil and the Hand? Count me in.

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