6 Nov 2018

On The Pull 07/11/2018

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Jo S: It’s Mostly Marvel Mayhem for me this week with more than half of my list coming from the House of M, kicking off with (I believe) an underrated treasure, X-23 #6. Good girls turned bad in the previous issue and old wounds resurfaced - super-healing power doesn't fix the harm inflicted on the inside. Death Of The Inhumans closes with this week’s #5; all seemed lost at the start of issue #4 but Black Bolt started to show glimmers of hope - will they be dashed or might we see the catastrophic family tragedy of the first episode reversed? Along with Immortal Hulk and Spider-Geddon (yay Spider-Ham!), my Marvel madness wraps up with a new start. I'm admittedly a little cagey about Marvel Knights 20th - I've not entirely got on with Travel Foreman’s action scenes in the past - but Donny Cates is on writing duties and the Matt Murdock memory mystery premise sounds interesting so I'll give at least the first issue a pop. I'm similarly unsure about my second new starter of the week; Grant Morrison writing Green Lantern is very tempting but I'm struck nervous by the sample art. Hal Jordan’s proportions look peculiar to my eye but I'm taking a chance nonetheless. I'm new to Green Lantern and hoping that Morrison can give this newbie a route in. Finally, I've given up giving up Batman. My continual expectation that it can't stay THAT GOOD has foundered every time I've tried to slip away, and it looks like, come Hell or high water, Tom King will be keeping me coming back to the Bat through to issue #100.

James R: The highlights for me this week come, (as they have for most of 2018) from DC. First and foremost, there's the latest issue of Batman, and by now you know the drill - Tom King, stellar run, essential read. I'm also picking up the next instalment of Scott Snyder's Justice League stint. I hate using the term 'guilty pleasure' but Justice League is unashamed, big, explosive fun, and with art from the brilliant Francis Manapul, it's a win from me. This week also sees the debut of Grant Morrison's Green Lantern series: initially I was excited by this book but the preview pages I've seen (mainly in DC Nation) have left me quite cold, so this will be more of a tentative purchase than an essential one. Away from DC, I'll be picking up the second instalment of Image's Dead Rabbit from John McCrea and Gerry Duggan. The first issue scratched my crime book itch, and I think this second issue will be the make-or-break one for me.

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