27 Nov 2018

On The Pull 28/11/2018

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Jo S: I've been on something of a journey over the last few months, in terms of settling out my pull-list to something which blends manageability with keeping faithful to the best lines around AND keeping up with what's new. I feel like this week hits that sweet spot perfectly. A tidy list of six titles feels very doable, with several favourite standing series, starting with Beyonders #4. I'm looking forward to completing this series, mostly as I have an inkling that a re-read will help bring the embedded puzzles and patterns to the fore. Loyalty is easy when a series is as good as Heroes In Crisis: the murder mystery, the bait-and-switch of suspects, the mix of classic nine-panel and gorgeous dramatic action makes issue #3 a must-have. Also on issue #3 this week is the new Uncanny X-Men: my loyalty is admittedly a bit stretched by the weekly schedule on this, and I'm wavering a little as the multiple writing crew find their stride - this week will be a decider. Hex Wives and the gripping Scarlet complete my tried-and-tested list, leaving space for one more - yes, Mariah is trilling “All I want for Christmas” on my internal soundtrack and I'll be throwing myself into decorating next weekend, so what better than the collection of darkly festive goodies that is the DC Nuclear Winter Special? Well, the weather outside IS frightful after all.

Kenny J: Come for the stunning Joshua Middleton variant covers and stay for the creepy noir tale that Mairghread Scott is telling. This is a Batgirl that is far from Burnside, and the stories that brought me back to the character, but I am enjoying the more detective-led aspects of this book just as much. Batgirl #29 brings the culmination of Grotesque's plan: it is always great to see the end of an arc through especially when you are excited to see what comes next. With Mister Miracle recently wrapped I have been desperate to keep some Tom King story telling on my pull-list and happily the first two issues of Heroes In Crisis have brought me a worthy successor. This is big storytelling with a vast cast and big ideas; a task King excels at. With art duties falling to the equally adept Lee Weeks for issue #3 I'm looking forward to the slow reveal in this superhero mystery book. The reunion of the four original members in Fantastic Four didn't pack as much of an emotional punch as I would have liked, however, what Dan Slott has reminded me of is how much I love spending time with these characters and their familial dynamic, which he gets spot on. Last of all I will be taking a look at Ironheart #1. Riri Williams' recent stint as the titular Invincible Iron Man was one of my favourite comic debuts. I quickly warmed to the genius teenager struggling with her new-found responsibility. Let's see where Eve Ewing and Kevin Libranda take her next.

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