11 Dec 2018

On The Pull 12/12/2018

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

James R: Egad, it's almost mid-December! As usual, I haven't even considered my Christmas shopping yet, but I do know what I'll be picking up from Paradox this week (you have to get your priorities right!). A substantial part of my pull-list goes to Dark Horse comics. Firstly, there's a double-dose of Black Hammer goodness as we get the continuation of the Legion Of Superheroes riff in The Quantum Age, and a one-shot featuring one of the remarkable cast members from Sherlock Frankenstein - Cthu-Louise. Lemire has the knack for telling stories rooted in the teenage experience, so I'm particularly looking forward to this one. Then there's the second issue of William Gibson's Alien 3. The first issue quickly demonstrated that Gibson would have taken Fox's franchise down a path far more in keeping with the 'corrupt big business' idea seen in Alien and Aliens - now it will be fun to see what he does with the Xenomorphs and Ripley. Almost all of the rest of my picks for the week are books from DC where I'm a little wary: Batman Damned caused a maelstrom of controversy when it was released (and to be honest, with this year, it feels like it happened a decade ago) and now we get the second instalment of the Black Label series. I felt underwhelmed by the first chapter, Bat-wang and all, but I want to give it a chance to impress. Then there's The Batman Who Laughs #1 - I passed on the Metal event (and I still think that was the wise choice - it just wasn't for me) but I couldn't help but take notice of Scott Snyder's creation of a Batman who has become his own nemesis. This is a compelling idea, and with the always-amazing Jock providing the art, it's another case of 'got to be worth a try!' Lastly from DC, I'll be picking up Justice League Dark, but I'm starting to lose faith a little here - the 'Witching Hour' event really didn't work for me, and it hasn't quite regained the bravado that it had in those early issues, but still I want to see how the current arc plays out before I potentially step off this title. Finally, there's two doses of Alan Moore for me to enjoy. The last League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen series (and final Moore comic) reaches its third chapter, and there's also the colourised edition of From Hell. I was absolutely in two minds about the latter before it came out. From Hell is one of my favourite series, and part of its brilliance was the eerie, dark atmosphere of the Victorian London captured by the monochrome pages from Eddie Campbell. After the first issue, I still think I prefer the original, but I'm picking up this series as I'm intrigued by Campbell's alterations and the exercise in comparing and contrasting with the original - it's a fascinating experience. An interesting week for me in summary.

Kenny J: The first issue of William Gibson’s Alien 3 adaptation had the deep space mixed with corporate machinations that I have come to associate with this universe and the type that the eponymous author does so well. There was just enough intrigue and teasing of the titular creatures to keep me interested. The rest of my weekly pull is made up of #1s. I'm very excited for Scott Snyder and Jock's reteaming for The Batman Who Laughs. They previously created some of the best horror themed Bat books of the last decade on Snyder's Detective Comics run. Jock's art is enough of a draw for me in itself especially when he's rendering a Judge Death, Joker and Batman such as this. On the other end of the scale is Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1. I always like to have a wallcrawler title on my pull-list and with recent attempts not really hitting the mark for me I'm putting all my hopes on Saladin Ahmed and Javier Garrón. With that kind of talent maybe this is the spider that will stick.

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