16 May 2019


Matt C: The imminent release of X-Men: Dark Phoenix will see the end of the Twentieth Century Fox cycle of mutant movies. Now that Disney have taken over the company which will see the properties absorbed into the Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point in the not too distant future (the endlessly delayed The New Mutants is looking iincreasingly like it will skip a theatrical release altogether - and as for Deadpool... who knows what'll happen there!).

Following the release of X-Men: Apocalypse and the announcement of a Disney-Fox merger it seemed the apparent popular consensus was leaning towards a dismissal of the franchise as a whole, a revisionist approach that took the position that Fox had completely mishandled the X-Men's cinematic journey. Sure, there have been several bumps and rough spots along the way, but by and large there has been plenty of greatness on offer since the first X-Men film made its debut nearly 20 years ago, with some entries easily capable of ranking highly in any Best Comic Book Movie Ever poll.

Considering we're saying farewell to these iterations of the characters - and bearing in mind that Jonathan Hickman is returning to Marvel Comics to relaunch the entire X-Men line in a couple of months - now seemed like the perfect time for a series of mutant-flavoured articles, so please join us over the next few weeks as we recall some our favourite moments in the long, convoluted history of the X-Men on the printed page...

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