24 Jun 2019

The Minor Opinion: SHAZAM!

Matt C: My eldest son is back with his thoughts on one of his favourite superheroes, and is probably exactly the right age to tap into the resurgence of interest in the character across various media...

Harvey C: I first learnt about Shazam when my dad bought me a graphic novel about the character. I read more about him and found out he first appeared in Whiz Comics in 1940, which is even older than my grandad! He used to be called Captain Marvel but it was changed to Shazam when Marvel Comics got the name.

I like the character because he's funny and he has a cool origin story. When Billy Batson says the magic word he turns into Shazam. He has amazing superpowers like flying, electricity powers and super-speed. He's my second favourite DC superhero after Batman and makes me laugh when I'm reading the comics. He even makes jokes in front of super-villains like Doctor Sivana, Mister Mind and Black Adam.

There are a few stories I've read about him now. I read the graphic novel which is by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. Billy Batson lives with a foster family. He goes to a school with his foster brothers and sisters. Geoff Johns makes really good Shazam comics with cool stories and characters. Gary Frank did amazing artwork and I love his pictures of Shazam and Black Adam because they look really tricky to draw.

My dad also got me some older comics at a comics convention. I have Power Of Shazam #1-6. The series is about Billy Batson after he got given powers from a wizard called Shazam. He was still called Captain Marvel in those comics. He still had the same origin in these comics with a wizard lives in a place called the Rock of Eternity who has been searching for a worthy person to own his powers. The wizard gives Billy the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles and the speed of Mercury.

I'm now reading the Shazam comic that comes out every month, which Geoff Johns writes too. Dale Eaglesham draws these ones and his art is great. The cover of the first issue I have is by Gary Frank though. The story in this series is called 'Shazam and the Seven Magic Lands'. It's about when Billy and his foster brothers and sisters go back to the Rock of Eternity and go to a place called The Station. They go on a train and go to a land called The Funlands where a person called King Kid lives. The Shazam family makes friends but later King Kid turns against them. 

Recently a movie came out about the character and I would recommend watching it because it's really hilarious. It has a lot of the story from the graphic novel and Billy gets his powers from the wizard but in a different place. Doctor Sivana is the main villain in it, my dad told me the Rock might be Black Adam in the next one. Zachary Levi plays Shazam and he's really awesome, just like the character in the comics. It has lots of other characters and all the actors are really good. If you haven't seen the film then have a look at the trailer because it will make you want to watch it. You can buy the DVD or Blu-ray by the 12th of August which is just before my birthday. I might ask my dad to get it for my birthday!


Ian said...

Great article Harvey. Really interesting and very well written.

DC said...

Excellent work Harvey. Like you I am a big Batman fan too but its nice to learn something about a new Superhero I don't know much about. I think I would like to read a superhero comic that's funny as well . Thank you for writing this. Hopefully you will write more reviews in the future.

James said...

Good article! I love Shazam, though I still think of him as Captain Marvel! I also think Black Adam is a very fun villian. Keep writing Harvey, it's great!

Matt Clark said...

Thank you for all your kind words of encouragement!