30 Sept 2019

Coastal Comic Con 2019: The Voyage Home

The PCG had a fantastic time at the first ever Coastal Comic Con in Bournemouth and are eager to see it return for an encore. Rather than have one of us ramble on about our highlights, here's 9 year-old George C to report on a special day!
George C: Last Saturday I went to the Coastal Comic Con. It was at the Royal Bath Hotel in Bournemouth. I’ve been to some comic conventions before but this was the first time I dressed up. I went as Avengers: Endgame Hulk in a Quantum Realm suit. There were lots of other people dressed up as well. I saw Manga costumes, Marvel, DC, Game Of Thrones (which I’m not allowed to watch the episodes of!), Star Trek and Darth Vader and lots of Stormtroopers. My favourite costume was the man dressed as a Borg from Star Trek. He looked scary!

There were many stalls selling Manga, badges, games and comics. I bought 11 comics, one Lego person and a lolly! The comics I got were issues of X-Men Adventures, War Machine, Alpha Flight and Batman: Gotham Adventures. I got six issues of Batman: Gotham Adventures – I have a lot of others from that series and I really like reading them. The villains are cool, like Two-Face and Killer Croc. My Dad told me it was all based on an animated TV show and that I will have to watch it. The Lego person I got was Orca from The Lego Batman Movie.
I played some old video games like a Zelda one that was made in 1992! I also played on an old Mario Kart game that came out in 1992 as well.

I had a great time at Coastal Comic Con. I haven’t been to many comic conventions but it was the best one I’ve been to. I really enjoyed dressing up as Hulk. I can’t wait to go again next year!

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