10 Oct 2019

The PCG's Top 15 Current Comics - October 2019

Once more the assembled membership of the PCG have put on their thinking caps and compiled their Top 15 Current Comics to provide a more concise look at what they're currently reading and (more importantly) enjoying...

15. Gideon Falls (Image)
14. Ascender (Image)
13. Doomsday Clock (DC)
12. Deadly Class (Image)
11. Batman (DC)
10. Valkyrie: Jane Foster (Marvel)
  9. Catwoman (DC)
  8. Superman: Up In The Sky (DC)
  7. History Of The Marvel Universe (Marvel)
  6. Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen (DC)
  5. Lazarus: Risen (Image)
  4. Daredevil (Marvel)
  3. Powers Of X (Marvel)
  2. Criminal (Image)
  1. House Of X (Marvel)
Matt C: Things can change a lot in a year (and a bit) as our latest Top 15 sees the X-Men making a strong showing with House Of X scooping the No.1 spot. It's a bit of cheat as both that and Powers Of X have just concluded but it does understate that the forthcoming 'Dawn Of X' relaunch will be of interest to the PCG. Criminal is back as an ongoing and of course it gets a high placing, as all collaborations between Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips do, and there shouldn't be anybody left out there wondering why they remain such firm favourites with us. With Chip Zdarsky at the helm, Daredevil reappears in our chart for the first time in a long time, and its fourth place position is a measure of just how good it is at the moment. Rounding out the Top 5 is the perennial Lazarus, now on a quarterly schedule but no less unforgettable. Where for a long while Image dominated our chart, this time around it's a three-way split between Image, Marvel and DC, which I guess goes to show how much great work is coming out of each publisher at the moment. The Big Three indeed.

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