31 Dec 2019

On The Pull 01/01/2020

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week along with a full list of titles that will be available from Paradox Comics.

Jo S: The feeling that I've got my pull-list working tightly has been reinforced over the last couple of months - it's almost as if I'm finally getting the hang of this lark - but the first pull of the brand new year (and a new decade, depending on how you count it) must surely be the zenith, with just exactly the right balance of miniseries coming to a close, rich and tasty ongoings and a couple of fresh starts which have me all a-tingle.

Ruby Falls wraps with its final quarter this week: it has been an 'almost' for me - there are so many things to love in this mining town story of shadowy memories of a murder lost to time and collective secrecy, and I'm hoping the concluding issue satisfies my minor concerns about the smoothness of dialogue. Ruby Falls is joined by Lois Lane to complete my very short list of non-Marvel titles (just how it falls sometimes, I guess).

...and then there's Marvel! Daredevil and Doctor Doom power ahead in the list: I've enjoyed the quirkiness of the Doom title so far - the story is super-entertaining in a way I didn't wholly expect - and this Daredevil series has been superb, I'm especially enjoying the Wilson Fisk scenes as he tries to maintain control whilst being outclassed by those he seeks to exert influence over. I'm also staying with some of the 'Dawn of X' titles: the X-Men themselves and the magnificent Marauders, which might have been considered to be something of a makeweight initially but is actually forging a path of its own in the event, led by a resolute Kate Pryde (no longer Kitty!).

Wrapping up, I'll take my two fresh starts. My prediction that Tarot #1 will be worth my time may or may not be true but it's got Avengers and Defenders, the Vision and Silver Surfer, Scarlet Witch and, yes, Namor the Submariner on the cover, plus some very stylish art nouveau framing elegance added. Art nouveau seems a slightly incongruous style looking at the blurb and the teams Alan Davis is writing here, so I'm really interested to find out the reasoning for artist Paul Renaud's stylistic choices. Also, the big bad glories in the name 'the Infernal Ichor of Ish'lzog'! How could I say no to that!

Last, and most exciting, Matt Rosenberg's new title Hawkeye: Freefall whizzes into comic book shops this week! You may already have noticed how excited I am to see this first issue - Rosenberg has been one of my favourite writers from early on and having had the chance to interview him  recently, I'm now fangirling harder than ever in anticipation of his next work. Rosenberg has chosen to partner with less well-known artist Otto Schmidt on this, and the sample art looks fantastic - as kinetic and stylish as you might hope for the oft-maligned archer.

For me 2019 has been a truly excellent year of comics and I'm racing into 2020 full of optimism and excitement. Happy new comics year, everyone!

Crone #3       £3.45
Everything #5       £3.45
Grendel: Devils Odyssey #3     £3.45
Ruby Falls #4       £3.45
Sword Daughter #9      £4.25
Action Comics #1018      £3.45
Batgirl #42       £3.45
Batman Beyond #39      £3.45
Books of Magic #15      £3.45
Detective Comics #1018      £3.45
Dial H for Hero #10      £3.45
Dollar Comics: Batman #613     £1.00
Dreaming #17       £3.45
Flash #85       £3.45
Harley Quinn #69      £3.45
Joker / Harley: Criminal Sanity #2 (of 9)   £5.15
Justice League Dark #18      £3.45
Lois Lane #7       £3.45
Martian Manhunter #11 (of 12)     £3.45
Red Hood: Outlaw #41      £3.45
Superman Giant #1      £4.25
Terrifics #23       £3.45
Copra #4       £3.45
Death or Glory #8      £3.45
Killadelphia #2       £3.45
Manifest Destiny #40      £3.45
Nomen Omen #4       £3.45
Olympia #2       £3.45
Black Panther: Agents of Wakanda #5    £3.45
Daredevil #16       £3.45
Doctor Doom #4       £3.45
Marauders #5       £3.45
Miles Morales: Spider-Man #14     £3.45
Punisher Soviet #3      £3.45
Spider-Man & Venom: Double Trouble #3    £3.45
Star Wars #1       £4.25
Sword Master #7       £3.45
Tarot #1       £4.25
Thor #1        £4.25
True Believers Criminally Insane - Bullseye   £1.00
True Believers Criminally Insane - Green Goblin #1  £1.00
Web of Black Widow #5      £3.45
X-Men #4       £3.45
Archie: Married Life 10 Years Later #5    £3.45
Dejah Thoris #1       £3.45
GI Joe #4       £3.45
Grimm Fairy Tales #34      £3.45
I Can Sell You A Body #1     £3.45
Pandemica #3 (of 5)      £3.45
TMNT: Urban Legends #20      £3.45
Transformers #15      £3.45
Van Helsing vs Draculas Daughter #5 (of 5)   £3.45
Black Cat Vol.1: Grand Theft Marvel Tp    £14.50
Black Hammer Vol.4: Age of Doom pt 2 Tp    £17.99
Conan: Hour of the Dragon Tp     £31.99
Diana: Princess of the Amazons Tp    £8.99
Injustice vs Masters of the Universe Tp    £14.99
James Bond: Live and Let Die HC     £22.99
Miles Morales Vol.2: Bron on Bad Guys Tp   £14.50
Wonder Woman: Warbringer Tp     £14.99

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