21 Jan 2020

On The Pull 22/01/2020

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week along with a full list of titles that will be available from Paradox Comics.

Jo S: My list this week is a delicious selection box of tasty morsels, with a little smidgen of each of my preferred comics genres. Kicking off in the horror zone, Hill House Comics' A Basketful Of Heads is really coming along nicely, with the origin of the cursed-enchanted axe starting to unfold and the quiet little town in which it has been hidden turning out to be riddled with secrets. Alongside that little fright-fest I'm going to give Kidz #1 a try; Ablaze comics are making a niche for themselves converting European comics for the US market and the art and premise for this (a handful of boys have survived the zombie apocalypse, and then the eventual zombie famine, but have their world shaken when a couple of girls join their group) appealed to me.

My sci-fi thirst is slaked by issue #3 of Far Sector, a Green Lantern story with some really inventive world building, and Kill Lock #2 - the first instalment of the latter drew my attention initially because, well, robots, but then delivered a feast of beautiful art matched with writing full of heart and intrigue, a surprise from leftfield and a real treat. Up in the Big Two zone, James Tynion's helming of Batman navigates us into Riddler territory with Guillem March and Tomeu Morey supplying the art this time, and while I'm in Gotham, I'm going to do a little homework in preparation for the upcoming movie, by snagging the Birds Of Prey Giant #1 - I don't know much about this team (other than the ubiquitous Harley Quinn) so I'm going to start a little research project on Huntress et al here. Marvel supplies just Marauders #6 for me this time - this series has been excellent so far.

Along with Family Tree, Image gives me The Old Guard: Force Multiplied #2 and this one zooms to my 'read last and relish' spot - the first issue of the new arc of one of my favourites so far did not disappoint and I can hardly wait for the next instalment of Andy's story. Finally, my imagination captured by the name, I'm going to take a look at A Letter To Jo, a graphic novel built from the love letters between Leonard, fighting on the front lines in World War II, and Josephine, at home in Cleveland. Author Joseph Sieracki painstakingly researched the battles that Leonard, his grandfather, was a part of, in order to fill in the literal spaces in his letters, heavily edited by wartime censors, and has built a graphic novel around them, illustrated by Kelly Williams. Another week showing that there really is something for everyone in comics!

American Gods: Moment of the Storm #9 £3.45
Count Crowley Reluctant Monster Hunter #4 £3.45
Ether: Disappearance of Violet Bell #5 (of 5) £3.45
Mask: I Pledge Allegiance to the Mask #4 £3.45
Triage #5 (of 5) £3.45

Basketful of Heads #4 (of 7) £3.45
Batman #87 £3.45
Batman: Curse of the White Knight #6 (of 8) £4.25
Batman / Superman #6 £3.45
Birds of Prey Giant #1 £4.25
Detective Comics #1019 £3.45
Far Sector #3 (of 12) £3.45
Metal Men #4 (of 12) £3.45
Shazam #10 £3.45
Wonder Woman #750 £8.40
Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen #2 (of 4) £4.25

American Jesus: New Messiah #2 £3.45
Family Tree #3 £3.45
Hardcore Reloaded #2 (of 5) £3.45
Heart Attack #3 £3.45
Middlewest #14 £3.45
Old Guard: Force Multiplied #2 £3.45

Amazing Spider-Man #38 £3.45
Atlantis Attacks #1 (of 5) £3.45
Black Panther #20 £3.45
Captain Marvel #14 £3.45
Conan: Serpent War #4 (of 4) £4.25
Excalibur #6 £3.45
Fantastic Four #18 £3.45
Guardians of the Galaxy #1 £4.25
Marauders #6 £3.45
Ruins of Ravencroft: Dracula #1 £4.25
True Believers: Criminally Insane – Dracula £1.00
True Believers: Criminally Insane – Purple Man #1 £1.00
Web of Venom: Good Son #1 £4.25

2000AD #2165 £2.99
Archie vs. Predator II #5 (of 5) £3.45
Betty & Veronica: Friends Forever What If #1 £2.60
Catalyst Prime: Seven Days #4 (of 7) £3.45
Dejah Thoris #2 £3.45
Firefly #13 £3.45
Folklords #3 (of 5) £3.45
Ghostbusters: Year One #1 (of 4) £3.45
Gung Ho #2 £3.45
Heartbeat #3 (of 5) £3.45
Kidz #1 £3.45
Kill Lock #2 (of 6) £3.45
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #47 £3.45
Mirks Andolfos Unsacred #3 £3.45
Monster Planet #3 (of 5) £3.45
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #86 £3.45
Once & Future #6 £3.45
Red Sonja: Age of Chaos #1 £3.45
Roku #4 (of 4) £3.45
TMNT: Urban Legends #21 £3.45
Uncle Scrooge 53 £4.25
Vampire State Building #4 £3.45
Vampirella #7 £3.45
Vamperonica: New Blood #2 £3.45
Visitor #2 (of 6) £3.45
Wellington #2 (of 5) £3.45
Wolvenheart #4 £3.45

A Letter to Jo Tp £17.99
Buffy TVS Season 11 Library Edition HC £22.50
Doctor Who: Time out of Mind Tp £13.99
Forever Maps GN £11.99
Invisible Woman Tp £14.50
Lucifer Vol.2: The Divine Tragedy Tp £14.99
Oscar Martin Solo HC £26.99
Road of Bones Tp £15.99
StrangerThings: Zombie Boys Vol.1 Tp £9.99
Valkyrie: Jane Foster Vol.1 Tp £15.99

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