About Us

Who are these fellows with their strange, outspoken opinions about that oft-maligned storytelling format, the comic book?

Let's meet the team and find out...

Matt C aka Matt Clark

The ringleader. Father of two boys who he hopes will one day grow up to inherit his comic reading habit and, maybe if they behave themselves, his vast comic collection. Matt loves the icons but also has an insatiable hunger to discover new ideas and new talent. He'll never choose between Stan and Jack - "They're both equally important!" - but he will admit to a near-obsession with both the works of Darwyn Cooke and the majesty of Victor Von Doom.

Stewart R aka Stewart Ryder

Desk jockey by day, part-time disc jockey by night. Stewart grew up in the 1980s on a staple diet of Asterix and Tintin books along with Transformers UK, Action Force and Get Along Gang (oh yes!) comics.  Predominantly a Marvel reader he has been converted to the wide and delicious world of illustrated reading that lies beyond the House of Ideas in recent years thanks to the varied and enthusiastic opinions of his PCG peers.  A big fan of 2D animation, he's keeping a keen eye on DC and Marvel's continued exploitation of their properties especially when placed in the awesome hands of one Lauren Montgomery.  Stewart also owns a Thor poster so big it will not fit on any single wall surface in his current residence.

James R aka James Randall

An alleged 'teacher' (though many suspect this is all part of an elaborate ruse) James is one of the founding members of the PCG. In love with comics all through his misspent youth, apart from a tumultuous split during the early '90s). The work of Alan Moore reignited his passion, and now even his parents accept that these comics things are not just a phase he's going through! A rabid fan of the aforementioned Moore and the other British greats, Grant Morrison and Warren Ellis, but if prodded with a pointy stick, he'll tell you his total favourite is the genius of Chris Ware. James is also the co-host of the Creeping With Armstrong Podcast, where he often tries and fails to convince his co-host Ross that today's comics are better than they were 20 years ago. His insurmountable task continues...

Rob N aka Rob Nott

A veteran of the early Bronze Age, Rob began buying American comics at the challenging age of 7 in 1971, but despite having an encyclopaedic knowledge of Marvel continuity and history up to the 1980s, he couldn't tell you which characters are in the X-Men these days. The first two comics he ever bought were Phantom Stranger #8 and Teen Titans #34 because the covers looked great. His collection has now passed the 60 box mark and is threatening to take over the house in conjunction with his other collections of vinyl records and books. Girlfriends in the past have always despaired, and rightly so.

Tom P aka Tom Pike

Tom is a stone work specialist and a soon-to-be father of two, a husband to one and a pure Marvel fan at heart. This doesn't stop Batman, Hellboy, BPRD and early Authority being counted as some of his main comic obsessions. He's slowly trying to build a classic Fantastic Four collection but finds money gets in the way. He believes Planetary and The Ultimates to be the two greatest modern comic books ever written and still can't believe he got to see Thor smash Hulk in the face with Mjolnir on the big screen, surely one of the most magical moments in cinema?